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Episode 29: Night of the Hunter

Night of the HunterIn this week’s episode, we take a long look at the only film ever directed by Charles Laughton: Night of the Hunter!

We highly recommend you watch the film before listening to the episode, because we not only discuss spoilers, but we talk about them at length. This film is easily available on DVD, and is also available on many rental streaming channels (Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, etc.)

We apologize for the late delivery of this episode, once again. When you hear our audio on this episode, you’ll understand why. We wound up recording outside the Trylon Theater, so we were plagued by road noise and questionable acoustics unique to the interior of a Honda Civic. We did a lot of cleanup on the audio, but the results are less than perfect. But we had a really great discussion about the film, so we hope the quality of our discussion makes up for the quality of the audio. It will be better next time!

Please join us on August 7th for one of the amazing pre-Noir films of Fritz Lang: The Testament of Dr. Mabuse!