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About Melissa

SONY DSCMelissa’s first film was A Mouse and His Child, which she remembers seeing in the theater at the age of 2. Her primary memory from that movie was a pair of mice standing moodily in the rain at night, perhaps priming her for a long fascination with films noir.

Several decades later, Melissa is now a Minneapolis-based multimedia artist, currently specializing in photography, video, graphic design, podcasting, and producing improvisational theater. She somehow manages to do this while also watching an obscene amount of movies from every country and every era.

Furthermore, Melissa is the curator of The Sound and the Foley, a project dedicated to the research of memetic sound effects and musical themes. She is also one of the trio of hosts for A Reel Education, the podcast that spawned this podcast.

Melissa is also Queen of the Lizard People.

You can learn more about Melissa Kaercher and her projects at Tin Lizard Productions.